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hello redgala here i'v ben working really really hard on my new fan-series for sometime now
lets see the name is called hetalia new land and pleas don't ask me why thats just it's name okay
if you dun't know hetalia is a history anime series online it's a really funny the countries are n human form
we get to learn a bit of every country in the world main countries in the series the axis Italy Germany japan and the allies are the UK America Russia china and France!

and there are many more countries in hetalia but i'll tell you more later okay


not much is going so for now i doing some OC's
and listening symphony of science


Terra's B-Day!!
part 1

chapter 1

I Dun't Do
saturDay Morning's.

it was early morning for her as usual terra wood never want to
wake up on an early saturday morning in a sleeping
like matter even if she's was not sleeping she was way to Tired from
yesterday to anything today all she wants to do is sleep like a
bear right now why wood anyone want wake up early on day like
this it was inhuman of them who wood do that quietly thinking to herself
as soon as she was thinking that idea, Juneau, was walking up
the stairs right now terra hears Juneau coming up the stairs
wait what!!? ho, no no! terra was thinking that when Juneau was grabbing the
Door nob but something Kept him from coming in somehow ?
Hmm ? Terra was thinking ugh, what is he waiting for ?

until she renumber last night she lock her room, that night
Oo yeah thats right i did do that last night
hmm what els did i do last night umm i can't
renumber anything that's really, weird? terra said to herself
TERRA!!! wake up and get out of bed i know you are awake up
come on and get up and get ready for Breakfast, i dun't care if you are
in you are PJ's just wash up for Breakfast Okay Juneau said as nicely as possible
To her…Yeah All right Bacon all mine!
it Must be my lucky Day for Bacon!! as the younger looking man walking around
Juneau, the young adult he's name is Anchorage, hey Terries are you
Dead again in there ? Anchorage, asking her in a silly voice to Terra's door
sigh as usual you can't never behave even for minute in the morning
Can you! Juneau saying it in a quietly angry voice
ugh can you ever have a minute with out talking about
something upsetting for a once even a
for a minute if you can at all Juneau saying this to
Anchorage, well can i still' beat you at hockey!! unlike
You i'am still good at it ha right old, grand-ma!! Anchorage, in a
annoying voice
thats it get your butts down their before i do it for you
you two understand that!!! terra said in a i dun't care anymore voice
and getting ready for Breakfast until Anchorage, & Juneau,
starting to fight again and yelled at them again for their own good
and she mien's it too a some minute passed ' when terra was
done with her hair it in a pony tail walking down the
wooden stairs a warm wave of era hit her in the face a wonderful smell

of egg's bacon and pancakes were made in time for her
your just in time for the last pancake stack Terra Juneau said
as he was looking at her in the Dining Room, wait what,
we dun't used the Dining Room for BreakFast unless
were having guest? or …ugh When Ivan is here and
Maybe When England or France is here as well
What's going on here Juneau ? Terra said Juneau
dun't worry about it and you are right their

is something going on but it's a surprise i'am not
going to tell you until your done with your breakfast
little missy Juneau said terra looked surprised by
those last words at him little ? when did I become
little missy, by Juneau said

to you my little Capital City Juneau? looking
at him with an unsure face and confusion in her eyes
sigh, ..i'm no-longer a child anymore Terra i'am an adult
in-fact i'v been an an adult for 96 years now Juneau saying that
to her with a kind smile on his face I know' I know'
moving her head side to side and rolling her eyes
as if she was saying i don't care about your age in her movement
you're not a kid anymore Yuri B, Tchaikovsky she called
Juneau by his Human name so whats the big Surprised
That you won't tell me hmm? Terra said Juneau looked at with a shock look
on his face oh No-Noko-Nono-No!!! he was screaming the words at her
Terra jumped at that minute when juneau was yelling at her No no nooo!
Juneau push terra out of the way and started to run in the kitchen as fast as
possible ho, God NO! my Cake is burned to death i'll never get this all done
before 10:30 sigh i worked so hard on this the food it's all wrong
i'll have to throe it out and try again be for its to late
me and lilly and new York work on this
last night! saying this being upset and all

planed all this for the-par a hand comes across his face and a voice
told him to shut up quietly sounded it was new York
looking at him with a Deadly serious face on what are you doing
yelling like that you're going spill the beans before we even leave the
house do you wan't to undo everything we have been doing for The
Three last month's in an angry voice but still in a quite voice
Surprising him but not letting Juneau say anything in the kitchen
no of course not she's mine older sister and state i can't do that to her
Juneau saying that to New York good! we can't let her know yet
new York telling Juneau to renumber their mission
whispering in the kitchen

Terra is trying to get up from Juneau pushing her out of way getting to
the kitchen a minute ago ow my head it hurts man Yuri has been acting so strange
Lately thinking to herself ow hey your do you need any-help in there ?
terra asking that to Juneau in the kitchen …nope i'm fine in here no need to
help me go on ahead eat your breakfast i made for you go on
eat up terra relax for once you need it more then you think
your always working so hard you'er going kill yourself soon
if you dun't take a break got it

and i like said i have a big surprise for you
later okay terra sigh's and lets him take care of her for the
hole morning and dun't worry
terra i had Vincent to do all your farm Chores before we leave
For are trip to Europe! Oops I did say Europe? Juneau said yes you did Terra told him
oh yes and to let you guys know out their Anchorage's his Human first name is Vincent
just let you guys know out there okay back to the story
as soon as new York told him to not say anything to Terra
about their plan terra asked Juneau if he needed help in the kitchen
as soon him and new York head that they both were started getting
worry about the next thing Juneau was about say that her renumber you can't

tell her about her birthday party yet got
that new York said to him i know i know, get off my back about
it unless you to talk too her Juneau said heck no she wood still be mad at
me from yesterday i still hurt okay telling Juneau this well
someone acting like a big baby about this Juneau said
to new York in a whispering voice new York

looks away from an annoyed look on his face
Nope i'm fine in here just a little worry about
my bread thats all you go on ahead and eat up whats left
of breakfast for me i just eat some food myself awhile
Ago Juneau said but are you sure ?

Terra wondering whats going on with Juneau in the kitchen
sigh ..terra you need to relax for once you're going to kill yourself
if dun't soon care of yourself okay Juneau said but Juneau i'am fine
just fine terra sigh fine but wait what about all of my chores around the
farm ? no need to worry about that vincent is taking care of that stuff
so no need for worries okay hum fine you win this war
good you now eat up the breakfast i made you
you need get rest by for the trip to Europe okay
Wait what did say Europe ? Juneau asked to Terra said
Yes, you did say trip to Europe ?


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