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yeah it's Earth Day~!!:D!! i hope everyone haves a lovely earth-day today okay and it's my OC Terra's birthday too
And Earth from Planetary-Moe Birthday too!!
thank you for understanding i was worried you wasn't want to talk to me anymore 
i'm glad things work out with this status post i still really can't talk very well like this 
i'm still sorry for everything things aren't working very well for me lately and i'm working very 
hard lately with new ideas so i'm kind of taking a break from terra the last few days but i'll do a art of terra
around earth day but i'm posting it up on my tumblr account and yes i have a tumblr account a few weeks 
ago it's not really pretty i've been posting some of my art work their lately because of my deviant account 
being up and down with me too the point of madness and i'm sorry if my typing is still bad i guess 
ho, yes one of my others friends on here may send a message to you  from me i didn't know i wood find this status post to be replied  so soon so if you find a message her saying i didn't ignore you or mad  she's just doing a thing i ask her to do to let you know about my problem you just found out awhile ago
so i'm just letting you know ok so things didn't get Mix up again okay ho, and i hope you can be friends
with are accounts in someway again and yes i understand setting problems it one of my problems right now in fact 

and i will post the name of my tumblr account soon okay 

ME : I'am really really Really! Sorry for people who wanted to talk
to me
i didn't mean to ignore you ever i just wasn't able to talk to you any of you guys at all it hurts me a lot to see you guys get angry at me 
when i can't talk back to you all i'am so sorry i hope you understand now when you guys read this pleas read this so you can understand 

i'm unable to used my account properly because of problems 
in my deviant-art account and i'm trying to fix them as best as i can right now
and i may not get to talk to you guys soon!! it may take me a few days or more i dun't know when i'll be back to talk to everyone 
i'm just able to talk with this right now ok

things on this account i can't at all used are
: Commets are down for me 
: Posting anything are down for me 
things i can used right now 
: i can Fave things right now 
: i can used Status post to talk only when need to 
i hope this helps you guys understand why i can't talk to anyone 
because i'm not ignoring any one i just can't reply right now
somehow at all right now 
this is my OC Jade by RedGala
this is my OC Jade
This is my oc she's a Gem from steven universe  


HIGHIT : i'am not sure yet she's a bit shorter then Pearl ' 

WIEGHT : is unknown so far '

HAIR COLOR : is a dark greenish and mix blue with light mint green high-lights'

EYES : her eye color is bright green with some olive green in it '

SKIN COLOR : a very light mint green with warm green hue's '

FOODs : she is a gem she has no need for it but she does likes eating '

SLEEP : she is a gem he has no need for it she does sleep some times but most naps at times she likes having dreams good or bad '

POWERS : she can heal herself by going inside her Gem / she can turn herself in to different  shapes and Forms / she can pull out a weapon when she needs to
but her weapon is unknown because her broken-gem / she can only used force-fields and when she's not attacking the bad guys  and to move things and people too /
she can teleport up to 4 to 5 maybe 6 humans or Gems safely in humanoid form with out it going wrong mostly and because of her broken-gem things could easy 
go wrong so she likes teleporting pretty much only gems and in their gem state too she gets scared and really nervous  when teleporting humans but she will teleport
steven when needed too / she can bubble things like Steven, Rose, Garnet, and Pearl, because of her old job and she can bubble steven when needed to /
her fighting style is still being work on / it is unknown if she can do fusion with other gems in her broken-gem state right now /
/ her dancing style is unknown right now / she does has unknown powers that will be shown in the comic later.


LIKES : she likes sleeping & napping she does have a some what of a bed in her room /

she likes eating food like Amethyst but she's not as bad as amethyst when it comes to actually eating food like amethyst 
she likes chinese food a lot and really really deadly spicy foods as they come some how she can eat spicy food with out it 
hurting her so far to the point she wont feel pain at all but mostly because her broken gem she doesn't feel the spiciness of the food 
she taste it but  almost nothing happens to her but she does sweat a lot when she eats them /

she likes reading books a lot she can at times read really fast to the point that she
can be done with a book like a world history book in 5 minutes or easily less then that 
she likes history books and in fact almost anything she can get her hands on
she's really like romantic novels  and comic books and some of the books that steven & connie
show her and she's a number of their book club i guess /

she finds TV shows to be interesting at times she finds the show Steven & Connie likes UNDER THE KNIFE to be weird and gross but not bad 
but not to good to the reason why is because she she seen things like that in real life and it's pretty ugly at all it has do with gem's being hurt 
more then she is right now with her broken-gem be sides that she likes the TV show HOUSE , NOVA , TOP GEAR-UK, HETALIA, and many more /

She likes all of the Crystal Gems there are ups and downs with her personal likening different in ways with each gem in her team ,

SPACE GEMS TEAM : will be updated very soon i will try to get this done 


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if you dun't know hetalia is a history anime series online it's a really funny the countries are n human form
we get to learn a bit of every country in the world main countries in the series the axis Italy Germany japan and the allies are the UK America Russia china and France!

and there are many more countries in hetalia but i'll tell you more later okay


not much is going so for now i doing some OC's
and listening symphony of science


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